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What I need from a buyer in order to show my Arizona Real Estate Listing


I got an email inquiry today from someone that wanted to view a listing I have in North Mesa.  There was no name or phone number on the email only a return email address.  The email said, “I would like to view your listing as soon as possible.”  I have to admit, I am immediately skeptical when someone prefers to stay anonymous behind an email address and fails to give their name or phone number so that we can dialogue on the phone.  However, I also realize that some folks are just wired with that, “less is more” mentality and this could still be a potential lead to getting my clients home sold.

While I need to get the home sold, I also have a fiduciary responsibility to protect my clients best interest.  Qualifying buyers ahead of time is just one way in which I do this.  I take it very seriously and really don’t want anyone in my client’s home that is not prepared or qualified to purchase the home.  If you are working with a REALTOR, then I trust that the other REALTOR has taken the time to qualify you before they spend their time driving you around.  If you are not working with another REALTOR, there are a few things I will need to discuss with you and verify before I meet you out at my sellers home.

Below is the email I sent to this inquiry this morning:

I am following up on an inquiry on my listing at 3321 N. Hawes in Mesa AZ.    Thanks for you email and interest in the property – its really a special home! 

To protect my clients that have entrusted me with marketing and selling their homes, I do need to verify a few things with you before I can show you the home on Hawes:

SNAGHTML735b4ab  That you are an able buyer.  I need either a pre-qualification letter from a lender or a statement of funds from your financial institution (if you are planning on purchasing with cash.)  If you need a lender,  I am attaching a list of lenders for your consideration.

SNAGHTML735b4ab[5]  That you understand that I am representing the seller.  I have attached an Agency Disclosure Statement for you to review.  It is important that you understand who I am representing and the duties owed to the different parties involved.  I will ask that you review it and sign that you received it before I meet you at the property.

SNAGHTML735b4ab[7]  I need to verify that you have have not signed an employment agreement or buyer broker agreement with another REALTOR.  If you are working with another agent and/or have signed an employment agreement with another REALTOR I need to know.  Please discuss this with me prior to any meeting we might have.

I am including 4 documents for your information/education.

  1. The Agency Disclosure I mentioned above that states you understand as a buyer that I am representing the seller only.
  2. A Pre-Qualification Form That your lender can fill out.
  3. Arizona Buyer Advisory – this just has a lot of really good information and buyer resources for you as a buyer.  Utilize this document with any residential Arizona property purchase you might be considering.
  4. A List of Lenders– for your consideration.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email me.  My toll free number as well as other contact numbers are below.

The home on Hawes is truly a beautiful one-of-a-kind home.  I look forward to hearing from you soon to set up an appointment for my business partner and I to meet you at the home at your earliest convenience!

Best Regards,


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February 10, 2011 - Posted by | Arizona Housing Market

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